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Our School Library

At St Osmund’s we are so lucky to have a fabulous library. Mrs Odor and Mrs Allexant and a group of dedicated parent helpers work hard to make sure it is open for business every lunchtime. A few of the year sixes are Junior librarians who have been trained to scan the books in and out and they help the younger readers to find books and to put them away.

There are always new titles and once or twice a year children have the opportunity to go to the bookshops in the city centre to choose new books for all ages. We have had generous donations from HSBC who kindly gave us £500 because one of our volunteers is an employee! We also won £1000 worth of books.

Recently we had a sale of some of the books which were in good condition but maybe not so up to date. We managed to raise quite a lot of money at the Christmas Fayre from our book sale.

We love having a library! It means we have space and a quiet place in the lunch hour, but there are also times when we have story tellers who sit in the fabulous chair and weave their magic over us. There is a padded seating area which is comfortable to sit on and the books are displayed so all ages can reach them. Most of all it gives us the opportunity to help the younger children to love reading just as much as we do.

Soon we are going to have a reading challenge, similar to the one which the Library runs every year. Children will have a reading list which is appropriate to their age and ability and they will win prizes for reading 5, then 10, then 15 of the books on the list and being able to ask questions about the characters, the plot and the descriptions and illustrations. WATCH THIS SPACE!!!


The Library is now open two lunchtimes a week and is kindly run by volunteers.

Library News!

This week children from years 4 and 5 to went to Waterstone's Bookshop and bought some lovely new books for our library.