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Junior Carol Service 2015

Junior Sports Day 2015

We had yet another glorious day this year and, as ever, the Close looked it’s best against a blue and cloudless sky. The children had all been preparing their events but mostly this was all about having fun with our friends at the end of the school year. For the Year Six children it felt like another goodbye to our school. For the Year three children this was their first ‘big school’ sports day!

Everyone had a laugh and it didn’t matter too much if they took a tumble in the 3 legged race or dropped the ball in the relay race.

Painting the Blue Wall

World Book Day 2015

We had great fun on World Book Day this year. Mrs Sterck, our English leader and Year Four class teacher, decided that all of the teachers, even Mrs Jolly, would teach every class in the school. The teachers all stayed based in one classroom and the children moved around to each classroom to do an amazing range of fun activities. We used computers with Mrs Henry to make a cartoon. Mrs Jolly gave an art lesson based on the Angel Fish. There was a lovely display of this work on the back stairs to the Library. Mrs Houghton dressed as a gorilla which was quite scary. Mrs Dowding dressed as Where’s Wally. We loved having a chance to be taught by al of our teachers but we did notice that they were eating a lot of biscuits at break time to recover! We can’t wait for the next World Book day!