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PSHE & Sex & Relationships Education



Health Education (Including Sex Education)

Children need to know about how to enjoy a healthy life. We place considerable importance on children learning about themselves in terms of both physical development and social relationships.

We view Sex Education as an integral part of our Personal, Social and Health Education programme (PSHE). From the earliest years, children are made aware of how they grow and change through projects such as ‘Ourselves’, ‘Families’, Healthy Living’ etc. They learn about hygiene and about caring for themselves. Within the Science curriculum they will learn about why plants, animals and humans need to reproduce. In Year 5 and 6 there is more specific teaching related to Relationship and Sex Education in line with the guidelines from Clifton Diocese. You will have an opportunity to view the materials used and to understand how our focus is based firmly on respect within relationships.

We recognise that children may need to make informed choices and develop a sense of responsibility for themselves and others. Any parent interested in the provision for Sex Education should contact the school where copies of the Governors policy in relation to Relationship and Sex Education are available. The policy is also available on our website.

Throughout the school there are links between the school curriculum and the need to live healthy lives and be productive and responsible citizens. Each year, the Life Bus comes and visits the school and teaches aspects of keeping safe and aware to all children – from our youngest, who learn about stranger danger, to our older ones who learn about keeping safe on public transport, drug and alcohol awareness, bullying and, of course, cyber bullying.

We also have travelling road shows from Marc Griffiths who entertains and skilfully makes children reflect on being tolerant, kind, respectful, resilient and building self esteem. All of the children enjoy these experiences and the follow on work which takes place in class.


Sex & Relationships Education in Catholic Primary Schools