St Osmund's Catholic Primary School

Love for God - Love for each other - Love for learning

We are joyfulWe are prayerfulWe are reflectiveWe enjoy working togetherWe meet every challengeWe are investigatorsWe grow together in our love of God

Our Vision for St Osmund’s Catholic School


At our core we are a Catholic school with a Catholic ethos.

We know that personal strength comes from faith, so we help them to grow and learn together in their love of God by build a teaching and learning community where we show due regard for the development and understanding of the uniqueness and dignity of each person, based on the Gospel values of love, justice, mutual respect, acceptance and forgiveness.

A sense of community service is central to our belief as a school. Our aim is to produce generations of caring citizens and not single-minded consumers; we encourage our pupils to help others, to have a strong sense of social justice and to believe in the importance of environmental change.


We aim:


  • to inspire in our children a lifelong love of learning; a happy, secure and confident child is a learning child. We understand the importance of our children being free to be themselves, of having a voice which will be listened to and of being reflective, thoughtful and open-minded.
  • to help them to achieve their potential and to aspire to ever greater heights; we want our children to develop their ability to think, resulting in a more flexible approach to learning. Maximising individual potential is key to a successful education and nurturing a child’s ability to be more flexible in their thinking further enhances their success both in and out of the classroom.
  • to provide the best and most memorable experiences for all of our children; our classrooms are everywhere we go. Our lessons are for life. At St Osmund’s we like to send our pupils out of the confines of the classroom to develop their learning. With so much to be discovered both within our city and through a wide range of trips, the opportunities are plentiful.
  • to encourage a sense of community and of service; we encourage our pupils to help others, to have a strong sense of social justice and to believe in the importance of environmental change. We enable them to plan their own enterprises and to decide on the causes they wish to support. We take an active role in our community of faith both inside and outside of the school.
  • to develop the skills to build on and expand their knowledge and understanding of a rapidly changing world; we want our children to be prepared for life in modern Britain and the global society beyond and we understand the challenges our children will face in the next phase of their education and beyond. At St Osmund’s we strive to foster in them the imagination, independence and confidence to deal with life and learning in a positive and productive way. 


The pace of change in society is rapid – the future jobs our children will eventually take probably do not exist at present but we believe that the skills of resourcefulness, resilience, reflectiveness and reciprocity which underpin successful learning are invaluable as life skills, regardless of which direction our children will take.