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School Performance


St Osmund’s Catholic Primary School is a Good school. Our children come to us with a wide range of abilities, experiences, nationalities and backgrounds. We are absolutely committed to progress for all and good or better progress at that!  This is because we believe in challenging each child individually to achieve the very best that they can from whatever their staring point.  


We know that there is a great deal of information about what makes a good school and that you will compare us with other schools in our local area. The press and media make much of the percentage of children who achieve the 'expected standard' in Reading, Writing and Maths and by the time children leave St Osmund's, they are very well prepared for Secondary education; our results by the end of Year 6 are among the highest in the local area, and Wiltshire.


There are two key sources of performance data which parents can use to see how well a school is doing:

  • The School Comparison Website, and
  • Our own school data

Our own school data is the most up-to-date and shows how the school performed compared to local and national averages.  The School Comparison Website is updated in the Autumn Term - usually in October.  The graphics further down this page are currently the 2016 data until the new data is processed by the DfE.


Our Own Data

All of the websites above use the data we send to the government and details the outcomes for pupils by the time they leave St Osmund's.

The data below gives KS1, Phonics, KS2, and includes the outcomes for children at the end of Reception class – The Early Years Foundation Stage Profile.

Further past data is archived at the bottom of this page.







The Schools Comparison Website

This site is updated during the Autumn term to show the previous KS2 (End of Primary School in Year 6) outcomes. It is very useful for comparing different schools but always look at combined scores for Reading, Writing and Maths.  Also look for the percentage of children who make good progress – you want to be confident that we will do our very best for your child!