St Osmund's Catholic Primary School

St Osmund's Catholic Primary School

Love for God - Love for each other - Love for learning

Our Parish Community


St Osmund’s School attracts Catholic pupils from all of the Salisbury Catholic churches – St Osmund’s, St Gregory’s and Holy Redeemer.

Newsletters can be accessed from the Salisbury Catholic website below

Children from our school attend mass at St Osmund’s every half term on a rota basis, class by class. In this way our children come to know the Mass and to celebrate with our parishioners who are always pleased to see them. They take an active part, reading, leading prayer and, of course singing.  Please check the school's newsletter for the latest dates for class masses.

On special occasions which mark school events and feasts, the school holds the parish mass in the hall and this will be announced at Sunday mass and on the school diary.