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Religious Education


At St Osmund's our Catholic Faith is central to the day-to-day life of our school and to all aspects of the curriculum; it is not an added extra and regularly features Mass and Collective Worships.

The school currently follows the God Matters scheme of work.

Children to extend their knowledge about Catholicism and learn to apply the values and message of the scriptures in their everyday lives. With this foundation of knowledge we develop the skills of discussion, debate and reflection. We also recognise that it is essential for citizens of modern Britain to be informed, aware and respectful of the faiths of others. We have many pupils who are not Catholic – some have no preferred religion, while others are of non Christian faiths. All are welcome in our school for the richness and diversity they bring to our community. This diversity helps us to reflect deeply on the way we live our faith and what we truly believe.

We recognise that parents are the first and most important teachers of their children, particularly in the handing on of the faith. We aim to be supportive of that fundamental commitment and encourage as much parental involvement in meetings, celebrations, assemblies and Masses as possible. Sacramental preparation takes place in the parish but is complemented by the RE programme. In line with Diocesan policy 10% of curriculum time is given to Religious Education.

Liturgies are focused on our core values for the term and children are rewarded as they work towards these goals at our Friday Celebration Assembly. In addition we have House Liturgies to help children to access their RE topics in smaller groups. We recognise that our children have a huge capacity for spirituality and reflection and so we give them a voice by helping them to become chaplains who increasingly play a role in leading worship.

The Tuesday Mass at St Osmund’s Church is led by a class of children each week. The parishioners and parents who attend these masses love this very special link between Parish and School. The school is also very lucky to have a dedicated member of staff who runs a weekly Meditation and Reflection club at lunchtimes and there is the Spirit Club which runs each Monday after school.

Our Catholic faith can be seen all around us, from the songs and hymns we sing, to the colourful displays on our walls and our beautiful statue of Mary at the centre of the school. At the heart of our faith is our love of God and each other. Our children learn a strong moral code and how to care for their friends. This is enhanced through our curriculum, our attitudes and our reflective areas.


RE Overview

RE Newsletters

The children at St. Osmund's School are taught different units throughout the year in RE (see RE Overview). At the beginning of each unit a RE newsletter will be given out to inform parents/carers what their children will be learning. This also includes some ideas for activities you can do at home. Have a look out for them! They will also be in a link below...

Creation Unit           

Prayer, Saints and Feasts Unit           

Advent Unit           

Lent Unit

Easter Unit

The Rosary - a guide for parents and teachers          

Upcoming RE Events

Harvest Festival

We are supporting the Trussell Trust for Harvest this year. An assembly was held to show the children what we will be collecting for the local people of Salisbury. Each class will be presenting what they have collected at the Harvest mass on Friday 6th October in the school hall. Please get collecting and help support us! Have a look at the information below...

Harvest Letter                                    Harvest Poster                            Harvest Shopping List A                      Harvest Shopping List B

Christmas Shoebox Appeal 2017

We are supporting the Trussell Trust with their shoebox appeal. The children are getting together to help other children in other countries who won't be receiving gifts or even a Christmas at all. The school collected 90 boxes in total and have made a real difference. We have really been living our mission. Thank you for all of your help!

Lenten Promises

Come and see our Lenten Promises in school. We will also be hosting the stations of the cross. All the children have contributed to thought provoking and reflective stations.

Our Pope Francis Display

We have made our own Pope Francis display, showing his tweets! You can always come into to school to write a question to him. We will be writing to Pope Francis in the Summer!