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School Uniform for september 2019


We want our children to look smart, to take pride in their uniform, their school and their work.  A smart uniform encourages this sense of identity, ownership and pride. We are proud of our unique school and want our uniform to reflect that.


CLICK HERE FOR A BROCHURE SHOWING THE NEW UNIFORM PROPOSAL - please note prices in this document are not correct


Uniform Price List

Uniform Shops will be held in the school hall on:

  • AFTERNOON: Weds 17th July – 3:45pm (after the catering presentation)
  • MORNING: Thurs 18th July – 8:30-9:15am
  • AFTERNOON: Fri 19th July – 3:15pm after International Day
  • EVENING: Mon 22nd July – 6pm



Thank you so much for your responses and input into our consultation on uniform.  Your comments and suggestions were very important and, as we discussed in our last meeting and our response on the school website, they helped us to shape the proposals further.


The results of the consultation were as follows:

Proposal 1 –          64.8%    - ties, knitwear and tartan skirts
Proposal 3 –          28.6%    - keep the uniform as it is
Proposal 2 –          6.6%       - just ties and knitwear


We have a clear majority of parents wishing to go with the new uniform proposal of ties, knitwear, grey trousers for the boys and tartan skirts for the girls.


The consultation supports our view that we would like to implement proposal 1 and therefore, from September 2019, the new uniform will be phased in.  This is dependent on us being able to secure sufficient stock in time. 


Remember, you can choose in the first year to wear either the old or the new uniform.  It will become the only option from September 2020.  This is with the exception of our new Reception Class for September 2019 who will only have the option of the new uniform.










CONSULTATION RESPONSE (before the final vote)

Firstly, many thanks to all those parents who responded to our consultation via email.  We have also received a number of verbal comments from parents which have been reflected in various forms in the answers below.  Please continue to respond to the consultation until Friday 7th June at 5pm by emailing


We have avoided quoting emails so as not to single out individual parents but there are answers to all the comments in the response below.  As always, please do catch either Mr Sanderson or Mrs Connett if you have any further questions, comments or concerns.


The general consensus from parents so far is that the new uniform options meet with approval and the ties and skirts look very smart.  Areas of concern raised include cost for some; ties for younger children; option for girls to wear grey tights/socks, particularly in colder weather.


In answer to your comments:

We acknowledge all positive and negative feedback and this is represented in some differing comments on the same topic.  For example, how the uniform presents St Osmund’s - some parents state that Proposal 1 looks very smart and would make St Osmund’s uniqueness stand out, reflecting the school’s high standards.  On the flip side, there are some of the view that it makes St Osmund’s seem like a ‘private school’. 


The summer uniform:

There was some concern about the lack of a cooler option for the girls in the summer.

  • From experience, the cotton short and long-sleeve shirts are very cool in comparison to the polo shirts we currently wear.
  • However, we would be prepared to allow the blue gingham summer dress as an option for the girls in the summer term after Easter, if desired. This is the same as the arrangement currently.  The boys are able to wear grey trousers or grey shorts all year (but particularly relevant in the summer term) if they wish.


Tights for the girls:

Some parents have particularly commented on the white socks and say that they would prefer grey knee-high socks.  This is both due to the look of the uniform, and also the fact that white socks very easily begin to look dirty.

  • We agree – the proposal will now be grey socks for boys and girls instead of white.
  • Grey tights for the girls if desired.


Ties for younger children?:

There is a concern about young children having to put on a tie as well as health and safety (pulling ties).

  • This is something that the children will learn – a physical skill (gross and fine motor skills) which children can easily get to grips with. It is also a given that the children will need to know how to tie a tie before secondary school.  That said, elasticated and clip-on ties are available for ease.  Many supermarkets also sell short and long-sleeve shirts with a ‘Velcro’ top button.
  • Ties look smart and show the children that a smart appearance is important.
  • In hot weather, the staff will make the decision to allow children not to wear ties.
  • We will work with you to ensure that the children are taught not to grab others’ ties. We will handle any issues in-line with our behaviour policy.



This is an understandable question.  The knitwear is only very slightly more expensive than the current sweatshirts and the ties are inexpensive.  For the boys, there is only a very small increase in cost.

  • In proposal 1, for the girls, the only additional item is the skirt at £11.50.
  • The pinafore, which is nearly twice the price at £21, is only optional for those parents/ children who would like it; it is not a requirement.
  • If you are struggling with purchasing the uniform due to cost, come and talk to us!  We may be able to help.
  • Remember, we are proposing a 12-month transition period where you can choose to wear either the old or the new uniform. This allows you time to save up if needed, for the new uniform.  If proposal 1 or 2 is chosen, it will become standard for all children from September 2020.
  • Second-hand uniform stall – we have had an offer from parents to run a second-hand stall with good quality, clean items which will be sold on to you at a significantly reduced cost. To get this up and running, as your child outgrows items of the new uniform, we ask for donations so they can be washed, ironed and displayed.  The uniform stall will be open every Friday once we have enough items to stock it.


Girls’ and Boys’ uniform:

There are inevitable differences between the uniforms; these differences exist at the moment in our current uniform where girls can wear blue gingham dresses while the boys’ uniform remains largely unchanged throughout the year.

  • Ties on all children is a big improvement in presentation. We really like the tartan skirt for the girls; it is a smart and unique look.  Tartan for the boys is not an available option – jumpers, ties etc. are standard.
  • Girls will still be allowed to wear grey trousers if they wish – as they can now. We are not removing this option as we understand that some girls do not like to wear skirts.
  • Both boys and girls will look very smart in the ties and knitwear, the tartan skirt blends in well with the colour scheme.


Uniform Quality:

We have had some questions asking what the quality of the knitwear and skirts is like.  We have washed some of the knitwear and it seems to retain its shape, feel and if dried flat, does not need ironing.  We have been told by the uniform rep that the quality is very good.  The skirt is also of a very good quality and should last longer than a standard skirt purchased on the high street.



One parent said ‘change is good’ which resonates with our thoughts exactly.  We want our school to aspire to the best, the highest standards possible, to continue to grow and evolve.  We want our children to wear a uniform that reflects this ambition; to be well presented and represent our special school – and themselves – with pride.


We look forward to your feedback in our meeting on Wednesday and in the online survey.


Many thanks for your continued support,




Mr Sanderson, Headteacher




Mrs Connett, Parent/School Link