St Osmund's Catholic Primary School

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There is a strong choral tradition at St Osmund’s. The whole school joins each week to sing and have performed at Salisbury Cathedral as part of larger choirs for the Barnardo’s Musical events and the Magna Carta celebrations. They are as comfortable performing contemporary songs as they are singing John Rutter carols. We are a Singing School!

Class music tuition begins in the early years with rhythm, untuned instruments, musical patterns and forms. In Year 3 & 4 all children learn the recorder. In Year 5 & 6 all children learn to play either the clarinet or the flute. So far this has been offered at no cost to families.

Private music lessons are offered in drumming, guitar, violin, brass, saxophone, piano, flute and clarinet in partnership with private music teachers.

Parents who would like their child to learn to play an instrument but have difficulty funding the lessons or instruments should discuss the matter with the headteacher. We currently have a number of pupils in school whose music lessons and instruments are provided by local trusts which exist for this purpose.