St Osmund's Catholic Primary School

Love for God - Love for each other - Love for learning

We are joyfulWe are prayerfulWe are reflectiveWe enjoy working togetherWe meet every challengeWe are investigatorsWe grow together in our love of God

Curriculum AIMS

Curriculum Aims

Life within our school is governed by the Christian values embodied in the Catholic Faith. We aim to develop good Christian values throughout the school based on the teachings of Christ as told in the Gospels. We hope to develop in the children a love for God through prayer, faith and respect.
A new National Curriculum came into force on 1st September 2014. Our staff have worked to create a school curriculum for St Osmund’s which will keep our values at the centre while delivering a curriculum fit for 21st century citizens, ready to take their place in Modern Britain. We are now in our second year of this curriculum and, through constant reflection and evaluation we have continued to make changes which will
improve it further.


Our curriculum has been created to help children to:

  • develop the skills and attitudes required to excel in learning. This includes lively, enquiring minds, with the ability to question and discuss rationally and the ability to apply themselves mentally and physically to the task in hand;
  • acquire understanding, knowledge and skills relevant to adult life and future employment in a fastchanging world;
  • use language persuasively in both reading and writing and use number work effectively and confidently;
  • develop personal moral values, respect for religious values and understanding of each others’ races, religions and ways of life;
  • understand the world in which they live and the interdependence of individuals, groups and nations;
  • value human achievements and aspirations;
  • find pleasure in learning and experience success;
  • develop creativity and aesthetic awareness.


Traditional values within modern education

Our values are traditional, but our approach is innovative and we use technology such as iPads, interactive web based learning platforms which children can access in school and at home, game constructing software, video conferencing and interactive ebooks. We have links with our neighbouring secondary schools who provide science workshops in real laboratories and then there is the Salisbury Cathedral education service which gives access to the work of stonemasons, the Magna Carta and world class exhibitions. Finally our governors have allocated funds for “aspirational” educational experiences so that the cost of coach travel is not a barrier to visiting the museums and galleries of London.
We work hard to create an environment in which every child feels safe, happy and valued. Within this our talented and experienced teachers provide stimulating learning experiences that are fun and engaging. These include special theme sessions, such as History Days, Readathon, Maths Challenge Days and Science Days, as well as visits from external providers such as theatre companies, science professionals, authors and many more who are able to add another dimension to our teachers’ classroom practice. We link with our neighbouring schools in a programme of gifted and able sessions in writing, science and maths from which our children gain confidence and raised aspirations.


Further Details

Further information about statutory content the school must cover can be found here: