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St Osmund's Catholic Primary School

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St. Osmund's Parents Staff Association (PSA)

The Parent Staff Association (PSA) mission statement is:
To add to the enrichment of our children's experiences while at St. Osmund’s Catholic Primary School.

What is the PSA?
Most schools have a Parent Teacher Association (PTA) in some form or other for the purpose of encouraging closer links between home and school. These are best known for their fundraising work, but here at St. Osmund’s Catholic Primary School it provides a valuable social function as well. Our association is called Parents Staff Association, or PSA for short, and our fundraising activities give everyone the chance to get together and have fun whilst creating some much-needed extra income for the school that all the pupils benefit from. All our members are encouraged to get involved in whatever way they can, from contributing to planning, helping to run the event on the day, or simply by regularly attending our events is a great way of showing your support.

How is the PSA run?

The PSA committee consists of a Chair Person, Vice-Chair Person, Treasurer and Secretary who each have defined responsibilities and accountabilities. Committee members are elected during the annual general meeting (AGM), which is usually held in the autumn term and is open to anyone who wants to attend. The committee work closely with the Head Teacher, Mr Sanderson, and the Parent Staff Link (Mrs Connett), and School Staff, and are assisted by other members to plan, organise and run the events. There are normally a core group of volunteers who take an active part in our activities, but anyone can offer help at any time.

What happens at the meeting?

PSA meetings are generally held once every term, either in the morning before school starts or in the evening at a local pub. These are attended by member of staff, the core committee members, and anyone else who chooses to come along. The main discussion will be any forthcoming events and who will be involved, along with some standing agenda items such as a financial summary. All parents are encouraged to attend, and the meeting minutes are published in the PSA section of the website.

How do we organise events?

Our events get discussed at the meetings and people can volunteer to help if they want to. Larger events such as our Christmas festivities, Quiz & Curry Night and Chocolate Bingo require weeks of planning and lots of helpers (whose efforts need to be coordinated), but some of the smaller events, such as the Disco’s and Pre-Loved Uniform Sales, are managed using a working group of just a few people. Most who help on a regular basis will find their ‘niche’ and take on the tasks that they enjoy doing. Ideally, everyone gets to play to their strengths and provide help in a way that suits them.

How is money raised?

We have various ways of fundraising, but the largest proportion of income comes from the social events we organise for the children and their families. We also sell refreshments at some school events, hold ice cream sales in the Summer Term, and run KS1 and KS2 discos. We are always on the lookout for new fundraising ideas. If you have one, please come and tell us about it!

How is money managed and spent?

Funds raised via the PSA are intended to provide additional income for spending on things that fall outside of the school’s budget (which is for buildings, teachers, books and stationery etc.) The financial support that the PSA provides to the school is used for things that make learning more interesting and exciting for the children such as school trips, theatre visits, educational visits, play equipment, computers, and sports equipment. The PSA committee and the Head Teacher decide how to spend the funds and there is generally a big project every year in addition to the regular items that are funded on an annual basis. We have recently achieved the amazing sum of £6000 for the new playground markings which were installed in May 2023. March’s Quiz & Curry night raised £250 for new educational magazine subscriptions. The 2023/24 goal is to raise £2000 for new reading books for the Library Bus and additional funds for our playground Rewilding Project.

How can you get involved?

There are so many different ways to support the work of the PSA. Please don’t be put off volunteering if you have limited time or funds, all offers are gratefully received and even a couple of hours a year will make a difference! If you would like to be involved, just ask one of the committee members or enquire at the school office. We are always in need of willing helpers!

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