St Osmund's Catholic Primary School

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Art and DESIGn



Art and Design

In our youngest children we develop skills to control tools and mark making.

This progresses to crafts, sewing, clay and 3D sculpture from junk modelling materials to becoming proficient in drawing, painting and other art, craft and design techniques. We guide children to explore the art of other cultures and of the famous artists . First and foremost we aim to give our children the confidence to experiment with media in order to achieve their chosen effect in the knowledge that there is no right or wrong, merely the need to reflect, to improve and to understand the need to be sensitive and sympathetic to what others are trying to achieve.

Design and technology

Design and technology is an inspiring, rigorous and practical subject. Using creativity and imagination, our children learn to design and make products that solve real and relevant problems within a variety of contexts. They look at how existing objects function and how well they are suited to their purpose. They deconstruct objects and learn how they are made. They improve and design their own objects and devices and evaluate them.

At St Osmund’s we know that for a curriculum to be relevant it needs to make children excited and enthusiastic. Setting challenges for building structures using every day materials gets children thinking and makes them determined to have a go. It teaches them resilience when things don’t work out. Children begin to see art, computing, maths and science as a part of a whole. They become resourceful and creative. They have to communicate their ideas clearly to make them understood. In an ever squeezed timetable we block out technology projects or host challenge days where children work with their parents or visiting scientists and engineers. In this way they have some sense of what it might be like to work in these fields.